It’s an Elephant and Piggie Fest!!

Inside: Free Elephant and Piggie comic strip template.

It’s the first week of school and I still have my “Grade 1s going into Grade 2” from last year. I think our switch is happening tomorrow afternoon.  So I’ve been keeping my class busy this week with fun, mostly easy, but hopefully educational activities.

Michelle, my Grade 1 teaching buddy, showed me this cute Elephant and Piggie activity today.  I read the kids these two books by Mo Willems:

We laughed all the way through, talked about the books afterwards, and then they made up their own Elephant and Piggie comic strips.

A free comic strip template for Elephant and Piggie books.A free comic strip template for Elephant and Piggie books.

The comic strip template originally came from Erin at Adventures in Tutoring and Special Education, but I can’t link to her because her blog is now private. But thank you very much, Erin! I love it.

If you click  below you’ll still be able to grab Erin’s google.doc pdf. She has 3 different versions of this … so fun!

A free comic strip template for Elephant and Piggie books.


And while I was looking for more elephant and piggie activities, I found several extremely cute and educational teacher guides, activity sheets and event kits for all of Mo Willems’ books!

Here’s the Elephant and Piggie party kit and table of contents. You can see how many different activities are included.


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13 thoughts on “It’s an Elephant and Piggie Fest!!”

  1. Thanks so much!!! I am CRAZY about Elephant and Piggy. I bought 10 more books for my classroom library this summer and can't wait until we can write our own stories!

  2. This is adorable. I LOVE that you have your kids from last year until enrollment gets settled. Our district has 9 days to get enrollment settled – so things are insane for 2 weeks. Keeping your kids from last year for a few days and only take a FEW days to get it all settled is such an awesome idea.Hope your weekend is relaxing. 😀

  3. Thanks so much!! I cut out the comic strip sections, pasted them on cardstock tents, and used them as food labels for my preschooler’s Elephant and Piggie party. It was easy and turned out great.


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