And Here’s to You: Book Review and Activities

My choice for Perfect Picture Book Friday this week is a rollicking fun poem by children’s author, David Elliott, called And Here’s to You!

Title: And Here’s to You
Author: David Elliott
Illustrator: Randy Cecil
Publisher: Candlewick Press, 2004
Intended Audience: Ages 4 – 8
Genre: Fiction
Topic/Theme: Animals, Stories in Rhyme, Environment

Synopsis: A rhyming, celebratory book of creatures from birds to fish to cows to people and everything in-between.


Here’s to the birds! The Feather People! Birds!  Here’s to the who-o-o ones. The cock-a-doodle-doo ones. Their breasts as red as fire ones. The sitting on the wire ones.  Oh, I love the birds!

Why I like this book: You already know this about me, but I love all animal books (unless they have sad endings) and this is just such a fun way to show appreciation for the creatures in our world, including the not-so-cute ones.

I love the way the author refers to the birds as “The Feather People”, the cows “The Giving People”, the dogs “The Dreaming People” etc. The understated message of acceptance and tolerance is perfect.

I also adore the bright crazy colours: pink and yellow skies, purple rivers, orange pastures.

Resources: I read this book to my class today and they were quite enchanted with it. Of course, they tended to fixate on the bear page (“The Hungry People”) which led to a long discussion about how to react when faced with a wild bear. I googled their question and we found a great page:

1) What To Do If You See a Bear . This is an excellent article by Effortless Outdoors all about bear safety. It’s a very worthwhile read!

2) We also talked a lot about why it’s not okay to kill an animal just because you think it’s scary. Of course, that got us talking about different kinds of hunting (i.e., trophy versus need).

3) Here’s a fun writing follow-up: Have the kids choose an animal group and give it their own unique “people” name.  Have them fill a page with a big bold bright painting and then attach their writing. You can use this writing template, if you like.

For example, they might choose spiders.

“Here’s to the Spiders!

The Webby People!



“Here’s to the Snakes!

The Slithery People!



“Here’s to the Elephants!

The Trumpeting People!


You get the idea 🙂


18 thoughts on “And Here’s to You: Book Review and Activities”

  1. This book is so cheerful and positive. I love the illustrations. It's in one of my book baskets : )I just got Bubble Gum Bubble Gum from the library and am looking forward to reading it with my kidlets next week.

  2. I loved the celebratory feel of this choice from the moment I glimpsed the cover at the top of your post, and the feeling got stronger and more joyful as I read your review. This book sounds wonderful! Here's to the bookie people! Readers and Writers! — we are interesting animals… 😉 I think I would love this book.

  3. This book looks absolutely delightful, Barbara! I'm with you on loving (non-sad) animal books, and this one looks bright, colorful, and bouncy. I love the descriptions you quoted – the giving people, the dreaming people – so evocative of the animals themselves. And I love your activities! Thanks so much for sharing this one – I'm going to have to read it!

  4. This looks like such a fun book. I especially love the illustrations (I'm biased that way!). I can't believe I haven't read this one since Candlewick is one of my favorite publishers. I will be adding it to my personal list! Thanks so much for adding it to the PPBF list!


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