Ocean Activity

We've been learning about ocean creatures for the last two weeks.

Earlier in the week I showed the kids another ocean video. This time they took notes while they watched.

Check out the cutie-pie in fuschia ~ top right. Ha ha!

Afterwards they drew a picture of life under the ocean. They had to include the three animals they took notes on, complete with a talking bubble with the animal telling one or two facts about itself.

I thought it was a fun way to keep the kids both engaged and really thinking about what they were learning.

Feel free to grab the note-taking sheet.
Click the pic


  1. Your kids look so grown up and ready for grade 2 : ) Their illustrations are wonderful.

    rubber boots and elf shoes

    1. Thanks, Sandi. Yep, they're definitely ready for Grade 2 :)

  2. The illustrations are so detailed. What a great idea.
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

  3. They do look grown up. It's funny how that happens! This looks great. How do you teach them to take notes?

    ✰ Kimberley ✰
    First in Maine

    1. Thanks, Kimberley. I stopped the video every 12 minutes or so and we talked about what we had learned. I gave them some verbal examples and they went with it.

  4. I love how simple this is! What a great way to engage kids at their level. Thanks!
    - Amanda
    Inspired in Second

  5. I love talking to my kids about taking notes too. They feel so grown up, like those high school kids. :) That one gal in the back is too funny.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. Awww I love the girl in fuschia...Ha! I am glad I found your CUTE blog! I have a newbie blog... stop by if you have a chance
    Tori's Teacher Tips

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