2 Free Place Value Games


We have been playing the Place Value “I Have” game by Kim Sutton. It’s a great game, but my kids are still struggling with some of the place value concepts and when we play this game with the whole class it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

So I made up a mini version. I have 20 kids in my class and they sit at tables of four. I made five games of “I Have” with only four cards in each set.

Simple? YES, very, but my plan is to have each table group play the game together for a minute or two (the fast finishers can choose new cards and play again) and then have the groups rotate to a new table.

My hope is that the game will move quickly and that everyone will have at least five turns.

Here’s what it looks like (each set has the same animal pic for ease of sorting).

Click on any picture for the download.


We played a really quick and easy game today to help review Place Value.

The kids sat on the mat in front of the Smart Board and I sat at the table with the document camera on.  They could see the image below. I rolled the die (4) and put it in the ones place. They rolled a 4 also and put theirs in the ones place. I rolled a 5 and put it in the hundreds. They rolled a 1 and put it in the tens place. The game carried on like that and the team (me versus the class) with the largest number was the winner.

They LOVED this little game. We played 3 games in the 5 minutes before lunch. The special helper rolled the die for the students and called on a friend to say where the number would go.


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  1. Thanks for the freebie and the game idea. My kiddos could definitely use some of this as a review. I'm about to start double digit addition and subtraction to get them prepped for second grade. Thanks again! ~Heidi V.


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