Ocean & Math Activities

Today I’m sharing a math game and then some of what we’re doing with our Ocean unit.


We’re reviewing our doubles facts right now.

Our game for tomorrow is “Flip and Double” and it involves Smarties! How fun is that?

Just click on the image below to grab your own copy. It’s easy to play and the directions are included on the board.

Flip and Double Math Game for Grade 1 by Grade ONEderful. This super fun game involves eating Smarties!


A few days ago my kids brainstormed all the sea animal names they could think of. I typed them up on cards for them and today they used them to sort and classify.

I put a little twist on it.  The main set (which the kids coloured earlier) was placed in the pocket chart at the front of the room (see below).

Each table group then received an identical black and white set of words. One group went to the front of the room and sorted the words while the other kids did the same at their tables.

I walked around and tried to guess their rules. There were some pretty funny ones so we had to have a discussion about the difference between facts and opinions!

When the group up front was finished sorting, the whole class tried to guess their sorting rule.

Then we switched so that every group had a turn up front.

The kids really enjoyed this and I have to say, they were quite creative. One of their sorting rules was “face / no face”.  Gotta love it!

If you’d like a copy of the words we used click on the image below:

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  1. Thank you so much for the freebies. My daughter is in love with all-things-ocean at the moment, particularly orcas. Not sure why, I think she just likes saying the word! I am going to print these out for her and save them for when i am back teaching too 🙂


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