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We are reviewing our doubles facts. Our game for tomorrow is "Flip and Double" and it involves Smarties!! How fun is that?  Just click on the image below to grab your own copy.

Flip and Double Math Game for Grade 1 by Grade ONEderful. This super fun game involves eating Smarties!

A few days ago my kids brainstormed all the sea animal names they could think of. I typed them up on cards for them and today they used them to sort and classify.

I put a little twist on it (for me :)  The main set (which the kids coloured earlier) was placed in the pocket chart at the front of the room (see below).  Each table group then received an identical (non-coloured) set of words. One group went to the front of the room and sorted the words while the other kids did the same at their tables.

I walked around and tried to guess their rules (there were some pretty funny ones. We had to have a discussion about the difference between facts and opinions -- ha ha).  

When the group up front was finished sorting, the whole class tried to guess their sorting rule.

Then we switched so that every group had a turn up front. 

The kids really enjoyed this and I have to say, they were quite creative. One of their sorting rules was "face / no face".  Gotta love it!

If you'd like a copy of the words we used click on the image below:

Click this Pic

One thing I haven't done much of this year is cook. We've decorated a few cupcakes, but that's about it.  So before the year is over we're going to make Octopops!

All you do is pour fruit juice or punch into a small cup. Have the kids arrange 8 gummy worms around the rim and then pour in the juice so the worms are half submerged. Add a popsicle stick and freeze. After the cup is peeled away and the pop is flipped over, you have this very cool octopus.

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  1. Thank you so much for the freebies. My daughter is in love with all-things-ocean at the moment, particularly orcas. Not sure why, I think she just likes saying the word! I am going to print these out for her and save them for when i am back teaching too :)

  2. Love the octopops! I usually do a lot of cooking projects but didn't get around to it this year either. Everything looks so fun!


  3. These are so cute! My kiddos are going to love them!
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

  4. The octopops are pretty darn cool! I'll have to remember that for next year.

  5. Thanks for the ocean words freebie : ). Those octopops are soooooo cool! Perfect snack for our beach day (right at the end of June!)

    rubber boots and elf shoes

  6. Thanks for following my blog! I just downloaded the animal name cards to add to my word work pocket chart center for the beginning of the year! Thank you for these!

    Smedley's Smorgasboard Of Kindergarten

  7. What a fun activity! Thanks for sharing your cards! Love the octopops, too! How much fun are they??

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  8. Thanks for all the freebies. LOVE the octopops!!

  9. Thank you for the math idea!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  10. Thanks for these great resources!! I love the octopus-sicle!

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