Woof Woof !

Have you seen the furball linky party over at Soaring Through Second?  I LOVE it and absolutely could NOT resist joining in the fun.

If you\’ve been reading my blog from time to time, you already know about Max.

We adopted him from a cocker spaniel rescue after our sweet Chester died.  Max was 5 years old (well past the puppy stage) and loved to run. We knew he\’d be the perfect fit for us ~ he could lie around the house all day and snooze, then go running when we got home from work.

And that\’s exactly what he does!  He\’s 7 1/2 now and can easily run a half-marathon with me. He\’s a little skittish around people but is getting better as time goes by. This little guy is my shadow and I adore him!

I take him to school with me quite a bit, too. The kids LOVE him and he\’s very gentle with them.

Do you have a puppy, cat, rabbit or some other not-so-furry creature you love? Then link up by clicking on the pic below.

14 thoughts on “Woof Woof !”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Max!!! He is absolutely adorable! I love how you can take him to school with you!!! I wish I could take mine with me! That would make the day so much more fun! 🙂 Thanks again!!!

  2. Oh, Puppy LOVE . . . be still my beating heart. Could he come to my small group counseling classes? We usually have a visit from Sadie, a big fluffy Keyshund, who's also a LOVE, but we'd be happy to welcome a newbie!!


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