Where\’s Your Ticket?

Do you ever play \”Ticket Out the Door\”?

This is a game my teaching neighbour introduced me to a few years ago and it\’s great for quick daily reviews.

Ticket Out the Door is a great game for daily review of facts. It\'s quick and easy and the kids love it! GradeONEderful.com

Before the kids can go out for lunch, recess or the end of the day, they have to correctly answer a review question. Right now we\’re learning about place value, so it might be … \”How much is 2 tens and 5?\”  Every child gets a different question (or at least not the same one as the child right before them). If they answer correctly then out they go, if not, then it\’s to the end of the line to try again.

Sometimes the ticket out the door is a recall question from science or social studies, a mental math problem, or spelling a weekly word.

Obviously I try to make it fun and I\’ll give the strugglers easy questions.  I don\’t do this all the time, but when I do, the kids really enjoy it and rise up to the challenge.

Do you play this game or something similar? I\’d love to hear what you do.

12 thoughts on “Where\’s Your Ticket?”

  1. I love the ticket out the door! We sometimes do this as exit slips, though I should be much better about it and do this more often. Thank you Barbara, this is why I love reading the blogs! I hope you have a nice evening 🙂

  2. Great title, I am going to start doing this. We usually just have exit slip that they turn in. Then I go over it during lunch, specials , or wehen ever I give it to them, and see who still needs more help on the subject. But I love this idea!!Barbarahappyteachingfirst.blogspot.com

  3. That sounds like a fun game! I've done something similar for entering the room. This is by Dr. Jean. You put a sight/vocabulary word on the door and they have to be able to read it to enter. My only problem is that I am always running late!~Andi

  4. I turned this idea on its head — the kids have to earn their ticket IN the door. The kids line up outside the classroom door in the morning and after lunch recess. As each child comes in I ask them a question. It reduces the mad shoes-coat-backpack rush and ensures that I interact with and say hello to each child at the beginning of the day. I'm like Andi – I could never do it going out the door since I am always running late!sandirubber boots and elf shoes

  5. My kiddos have to give me an H, H or H to get out the door …Hug, handshake or high-five. That way if they've had a bad morning we end on a positive note! I've had former students walk up to me at the store and say H, H or H. It's something they remember for a long time.JennyOwl Things First


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