BISCUIT Book Review

The Biscuit books are just so darn cute and I love them so much, I thought it would be worthwhile featuring a beginning reader series.

And there are a LOT of books in this series. I have about 8 of them, but when I did a search I realized there are even more!

Author: Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Illustrator: Pat Schories

Publisher: Harper Festival, 2002 onwards

Intended Audience: K to Grade 1 Independent Reading

Theme / Topic: Fiction, Beginning Readers, Dogs, Friends

Synopsis: These "I Can Read" stories all feature Biscuit, a sweet, golden-haired puppy. He has all sorts of charming adventures with his young mistress and an assortment of animal friends, including Sam the big dog, and Puddles the kitten.

Opening of Biscuit Goes to School: Here comes the school bus! Woof, woof! Stay here, Biscuit. Dogs don't go to school. Woof! Where is Biscuit going? Is Biscuit going to the pond? Woof!

Why I Like This Book Series: Because my students ADORE Biscuit and it's easily the most sought-after book in my guided reading groups. It's perfect for children who are reading at a level E (Fountas/Pinnell levelling system) or early to mid-Grade 1. The text is very simple, with lots of repetition (can you say "Woof woof"?), but all the books tell real and entertaining stories. 

Biscuit Books! Perfect for beginning readers and SO cute. Come visit for a book review and follow-up activities. #booksforkids #biscuitbooks #gradeonederful

Links to Resources:

1. Several fun activities on the author's page.

2. Love to Know has a ton of great ideas!

3. Reading is Fundamental has 6 different online games for your child to play.

4. HarperCollins has several FREE teaching guides for different Biscuit books!

5. YouTube video of Alyssa explaining how she was inspired to write a Biscuit book.

You can find the author here!

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  1. My kids really love Biscuit too. They'll choose to read them over and over and over!

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I love Biscuit! My students get so excited when they pick Biscuit books for their book boxes and can read them independently! Such a cute series for first grade!

    First Grade Garden

  3. Love that sweet Biscuit! My kiddos do, too! Thanks for sharing these great resources! We will definitely use!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  4. I love Biscuit! I discovered him when I was researching early readers a while ago, and he is a delight.

  5. When my Firsties first began to realize they could really read, they were so drawn to Biscuit. Love it!

    First in Maine

  6. Hi Barbara, I know we have several of these early-reader books when she was younger, but I can't recall any longer. We may have missed out on a lot if we skipped a few of these books that I am pretty sure must have been in our bookshelves once upon atime. Your post has inspired me to dig them out and check whether we still have a few of these lying unloved. Thank you for including this book for PPBF. :)

  7. We love Biscuit in our house! Great PPBF pick!

  8. I can't argue, Barbara - the Biscuit books are charming! :)

  9. Some of our most favorite picture books are the early/easy reader books (think Green Eggs and Ham, etc.) :)
    Lovely choice, Barbara...and WONDERFUL resource and activity list also!

  10. We haven't introduced Biscuit in our house yet. Sounds like a series we will meet one day.

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