Anti-Bullying AND a Giveaway


Today is Anti-Bullying Day across Canada. I thought you might enjoy some pictures.

Here we are at our assembly. Many of us are wearing pink.

We raised enough money to ensure our VP would have to wear a Canuck's jersey for 4 days! (He's an avid Red Wings fan).

He also agreed to have his hair dyed pink!

Doesn't he look fabulous?
Maybe I should point out that this is the little girl's version of the Canucks jersey -- ha ha!

Then we went to our Boys and Girls Club room to add our pink handprints to a school banner.

And finally we met with our local constable to talk about WITS-UP (our anti-bullying mascot).

Don't you just love fun days like this?

Think PINK!


  1. What a good sport your VP is! Your school seems like a fun place to be.
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  2. Barbara,
    Thanks for blogging about our giveaway. What a fantastic day for you at school. I do love those days!!!

  3. Hahahaha!!! Love those men in pink!!! Thanks for the laugh & what a great anti-bullying campaign!!


  4. What fun - thanks for sharing. You and your blog get more beautiful every day!! I'm passing along the One Lovely Blog award, so stop by the Corner to grab the graphic. Thanks for your willingness to share and collaborate!

    The Corner On Character

  5. This is so good -- and I'm so glad kids are hearing the message about stopping bullying! Thanks for sharing!


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