Our Gingerbread House and a Holly Bloggy THANK YOU!

A SUPER HUGE thank you to my Holly Bloggy Secret Santa. Linda sent me these amazing goodies … some of which she made herself!! I LOVE them all, especially that cute little clipboard. Oh, and how sweet is this lady? She put treats in the bag for Max, too :)) Thank you, Linda.

I\’ve tried looking for Linda all over teacher blog land and I can\’t find her anywhere! I\’d love to visit your blog, Linda. If you\’re reading this, can you please let me know who you are? Merry Christmas!
And … Christmas Day at our house.
Mike and Chris hard at work decorating the gingerbread house.
Raina\’s right into it, too.

And … ta dah! The finished product. 
I have to say it was just as much fun watching these guys decorate the house at 30 as it was when they were 6 years old 🙂 And I noticed that the guys were all about getting lots of candy on the house (just like my Grade Ones) while Raina\’s side was artistic and tidy — ha ha. BTW, Chris is on the left (Mike\’s best friend), Raina (Mike\’s girlfriend) and Michael (our oldest son).

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  1. Hi Raina! Yeah, it's an unusual name …. very pretty. I love it! Funny, 'cause I \”met\” another blogger on my running blog with the same name. Now that's three of you! Unless you're the same person. LOL!


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