Last MINUTE Gift

Inside: A super quick and easy idea for a last minute Christmas gift.
Are you panicking \’cause you need a last minute Christmas gift? 
Panic no more! I found this adorable craft at Doodle Bugs Teaching. We made them Friday morning and they went home Friday afternoon. The kids loved them, I loved them, and I\’m sure the parents will, too. Check out these sweet little reindeer ornaments. 
Thank you, Kacey, for the great idea.

We also made these cards. I think they\’re easy to figure out just by looking at the picture. We used sequins and Christmas stamps. They also turned out very well. (Yikes! Can\’t remember where I got this idea).

AND, my favourite gift of all ~ though this is definitely not a last minute gift ~ are these beauties. Our library prep teacher also loves to work with clay, so she made these with my kids. The round ornaments are free form and the kids drew words or pictures using a pencil. But the leaf ornaments were made with real leaves. You just press the back of the leaf onto the clay, get an adult to cut carefully around the edges and voila!

And I\’m now officially on holidays. YAY! I wanted to lolly-gag in bed all morning, but my husband\’s bugging me to go for a run with him. But I\’m not complaining, \’cause we live near the university and they have the most beautiful trails in there (no hills!) and our dog can run free. PLUS, it\’s actually a balmy 7 degrees C and no rain. Whoo hoo ~ here I come!

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