3 Free Christmas Writing Printables: Perfect for Grade 1

Inside: You’ll find 3 Christmas writing templates

I was leafing through my copy of Themes: Celebrations by the McCrackens when I came across a few Christmas writing ideas for Grades K to 2.

These activities are not only low prep but will also result in some lovely writing.

Christmas Tree Writing

3 Simple and easy Christmas writing templates for first grade.


  1. Brainstorm with your class all the decorations that might be on a tree.
  2. Brainstorm an adjective for each item.
  3. Colour the tree with decorations being sure to draw one of something, two of something, etc.
  4. Complete the writing pattern. Eg., ” The Christmas tree has One bright blue bell, Two smiling angels, Three happy gingerbread boys, Four sweet candy canes, Five twinkling lights, Six funny snowmen.”
  5.  Add some glitter to the tree when the writing is finished!

Christmas Stocking Booklets

Christmas stockings are so much fun. I might even argue that they’re the best part of Christmas morning. It’s that magical moment as a kid when you run into the living room, see that Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk, and your stocking is stuffed with little treasures. Mmm … the memories!

3 Simple and easy Christmas writing templates for first grade.


  1. Make two copies of the template for every child. It’s fun to use a variety of coloured paper and then pre-cut the little pages.
  2. Every child receives 8 little pages (they can choose their colours from the pre-cuts).
  3. Each blank is filled in with a “wished for” item.
  4. Colour in the little stockings on each page. Maybe add a drawing of the little present, too!
  5. When finished, staple the pages together to make a little booklet.

Descriptive Christmas Card Writing

For this writing activity you’ll need a stash of old Christmas cards. Be sure to rip the backs off because you only need the pretty fronts.

3 Simple and easy Christmas writing templates for first grade.


  1. Every child chooses their favourite Christmas card from your stash.
  2. Glue the card to the top of the page. Depending on the size of the card you may need to “fussy cut” it first.
  3. Write a paragraph describing the Christmas card.
  4. Be sure to model this step. Choose your own card and put it under your document camera or up on the board. Then, as a class,  talk about the card and write a paragraph together (with the teacher doing the writing). Once they see how it’s done, I find that most of my students can independently print their own short descriptions.

That’s it!

I hope you can use these templates for your own Christmas writing.

DOWNLOAD: Christmas Writing Templates


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  1. Hi Barb,Thank you for being so generous! I just downloaded tons of your stuff. I am a teacher in BC, also, and I have been using McCracken for 10 years now. I have seen amazing results. I switched to K last year and used it- a bit of a watered down version- but still gets the kids going on a strong path.I am your newest follower! Looking forward to finding stuff for the BC curriculum!Erica T.


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