Splat the Cat ART !

Splat the Cat ART and Story Elements FREEBIE

Check it out!! Are these cute or what?!?  

I was SO pleased with the kids' Splat the Cat pictures. It was lots of fun and not too hard. Don't you just love the little pink tongue and the crazy googly eyes? They crack me up!

I followed a tutorial when we did these, but for the life of me I can't remember where I got it (I'm updating this post 7 years later!).

But I DO remember doing a directed drawing in pencil and then having the kids paint with water colours. They "fluffed" out the fur around Splat's body and face and rubbed white and pink chalk onto his face and tummy.  Then I gave the kids scraps of wallpaper (from old wallpaper books) to cut out Splat's various school supplies.

And here's a look at the story elements activity we did, too!

Freebie Time! I just found the template we used. It's part of a 10-page set I put together with a variety of Splat the Cat titles.

DOWNLOAD: Splat the Cat Story Elements

Looking for some Splat books? Here's a lovely collection:

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  1. So Cute!! Thanks for posting!

    First Grade Delight

  2. These are adorable; they oooooze fun! Thanks for visiting last week; your kind reflection made my day.


  3. I just LOVE this! I haven't done Splat the Cat, but now I totally want to. Thanks!

    1st in Maine

  4. Barbara-thanks for the mention in your post! And for your sweet comments that you've left lately on my posts. I always read them, just bad at responding. I love your reading response-def going to show this to my daughter's first grade teacher for when I do the Splat the Cat enrichment in her classroom this year. You have a great blog too!

  5. Thank you, Sleepy Head (I just had to say that) and also Kimberley, Barbara and Delighted.


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