Perfect Remembrance Day Book and Poem for First Grade

Inside: Peace book, poppy poem and poppy-shaped booklet I used in my first grade class.

I’m a huge Dylan fan and have been seen I was 16 years old. So when I came across this beautiful children’s book by Bob Dylan I just had to buy it.

It’s an illustrated version of the song Blowin’ in the Wind and includes a CD.  It’s the perfect book to share for Remembrance Day.

My class enjoyed viewing the beautifully delicate illustrations by Caldecott Honor medalist, Jon J Muth, and listening to the CD.

Books like this, with powerful underlying messages, always lead to the best post-reading discussions. I highly recommend you add Blowin in the Wind to your collection of Remembrance Day / Peace books.

Poppy Poem and Booklet

After reading and discussing the book, I had my kids print the following poem to remind them about the meaning of Remembrance Day and to emphasize the message of peace.

They printed them, in their best penmanship, on poppy-shaped pages.

When they finished they added some poppy decorations and we stapled them together to make little booklets.

What I like about these poppy books, is that the kids can copy the printing right underneath the text, so it’s much easier for those little guys who have a hard time adjusting their eyes from the board to their paper and back again.

DOWNLOAD: Remembrance day booklet

DOWNLOAD: Poppy Poem

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