More Family Activities

I told the kids we were going to do some more work on our family unit, and one little girl said to me, "But why? We already know all about our families."  Ha ha ~ I had to laugh at that and REALLY, I didn't even have a good answer.

But it's in the curriculum, people!! SO, continuing on with my family theme, here's a tree map you might like:

Family activities for First Grade. Freebies by Grade ONEderful.comAnd a venn diagram. We haven't done this yet, but since we've been doing a mini unit on "Splat the Cat" books (I LOVE that cat, and I'm not even a cat person ~ dogs RULE!) I think I'm going to have them compare their own families to Splat's family. Tee hee -- should be fun.

Family activities for First Grade. Freebies by Grade


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  1. We are talking about families next week and these will be perfect. Thank you!

  2. You're welcome, Amy. Glad you like them!


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