Snakes 'n Ladders Reading Game & MORE!

I just found the coolest site for making some word games. I'm really struggling with my lowest students right now and wanted to find some easy games for them to practice their sight words. At Kiddies Games you can find several games under teacher resources. My favourite two are Snakes and Ladders  and Chatterbox.

The best part is, you just type in the words you want your kids to practice, and voila! the personalized game is generated for you.

Here's the first snakes and ladders game I made for my very beginning readers:

And here's the chatterbox game I made with the same words:

The picture below shows you what it looks like when you fold the paper. Do you remember playing this game as a kid? I LOVED it!! For the life of me, though, I can't remember what we called it. I know it wasn't chatterbox.

You can also make the games in French and Spanish. Hope you enjoy the site as much as I do! Happy game-making.


  1. Thanks for these cute ideas! I remember making the "chatterboxes" as a kid all the time...not sure what we called them either...but, I have heard the term "cootie catcher" and did a google search...amazing! :)

  2. Great site! I can't wait to use the sight word game with my little ones!


  3. Hey Barbara -

    We called them Fortune Tellers . . . does that ring a bell? Thanks for sharing all of your cool stuff!

  4. Oh yeah! I think it WAS fortune tellers. Can't believe I forgot that!


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