Pumpkin Art

My kids just made the cutest pumpkins!

First they painted the background paper purple. 

While this was drying I gave them a piece of gold coloured paper that they covered with overlapping strips of yellow and orange tissue paper. I drew a pumpkin shape on the back and they cut them out. 

As you can see, these were then glued to the purple paper, a green paper stem was added, as were facial features. For the eyes, they had a choice between purple buttons, foam geometric shapes, or googly eyes.

Tissue paper pumpkins with googly eyes

Tissue paper pumpkins with googly eyes

Tissue paper pumpkins with googly eyes

I got this great idea from That Artist Woman. I LOVE her blog!!

And these beauties were done by the kindies across the hall from me. Beautiful, hey?

Finger painted pumpkins with wheat stalks
Those are dried wheat stalks that were glued under finger-painted pumpkins.

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  1. Hi Barb
    I just wanted to say thank you and apologize. I see that you sent us an email, saying that you gave us the versatile blogger award. Thanks so much. For some reason it was in our spam folder of comments. Weird.
    Just wanted to say thanks.
    Hope October is going great for you!

  2. No problem :) You're very welcome. I LOVE October ~ Thanksgiving, my birthday and Halloween! It's the best.

    Grade ONEderful


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