Pattern Trains

I use a pattern train during calendar time as a quick, fun and easy way to teach and review patterns. 

I made a simple pattern holder (see below) out of a piece of folded and taped poster paper (that light weight cardboard). 

I tack it to my calendar board and fill it with the pattern trains. 

Each day I pull out one train, bit by bit, as we talk about and predict what the pattern might be. 

It's a great way to get the kiddies thinking about new patterns and to practice extending them.

Pattern Trains to use during calendar time. Teaching patterns to first graders.

Right click on the image above for your copy of the trains (you'll need to colour them in).

Right click on the image above for a copy of these much prettier pattern holder signs.



  1. Thanks for sharing the pattern trains. I was just going to make some unifix cube trains on my own and then read your post. I love blogs!!


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