Kids Love this Musical Number Sense Game

Inside: You’ll find a description of my Musical Numbers Game and a set of free cards.

If you’re looking for a fun, easy and active math game, I have you covered.

Building number sense in the early grades is a number 1 priority and needs to be practiced on a daily basis. If the game is low prep and easy to teach and learn, then that’s an added bonus.

Musical Numbers Game is all of that!

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I always play this number recognition game with my new Grade 1s because children need to learn early on that numbers can be represented in different ways. In this game the kids will see numbers as playing cards, 10-frames, dot cards, word cards and tally marks cards.

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And while they’re learning that numbers can look differently, they’re also polishing their subitizing skills (i.e., the ability to recognize how many in a group of objects without counting).

Directions for Musical Numbers

  1. Print the number cards and gather up a deck of playing cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings removed).
  2. Give half the class a playing card (Aces up to 10) and the other half a matching number word card, dot card, 10 frame card or tally card. It varies from day to day.
  3. Turn on the music (the catchier the better) and the kiddies dance around the room with their cards.
  4. When the music is turned off, they must quickly find the person with the matching card.
  5. If time, take a moment so everyone can view the various matches.
  6. Everyone hands their card to someone other than their partner match, and the game begins again with new cards for everyone!

Sounds simple ~ and it is ~ but my kids LOVE it.

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Here’s a sample of what the cards look like:

Thank you for stopping by and may there always be lots of number sense learning going on in your classroom 🙂

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Your Turn

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  1. How cool is this! I love it! Thanks so much. This is one of the things we are working on and this game will be great to incorporate into my plans. The first set of cards with the dots meshes quite nicely with the Everyday Calendar that we do each day. Thanks for sharing!DeeFirst Impressions


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