Classroom Pics

Only 5 more days of holidays….I think I’m ready…sort of.

This is the view from my front door.

This is my work area. I took my desk out back in March.

Painting easel & craft area

Meeting area. Usually I have a rocking chair but it’s at home right now. The white paper on the bulletin board is my “screen” for my document camera, and is where my new SmartBoard will be going.

This is the birthday board. It’s hard to see, but those are goodie bags hanging on the bottom, filled with birthday treats I picked up at the $ store.

Coloured tubs will be the word work centre. The apple chart holds the Work Station cards.

The “Good-Bye” poem on my door.

I have lots more to do, but it’s going to have to wait until next week. It’s kinda sad to say good-bye to summer ~ sigh ~ but I’m definitely excited about meeting my new class!

3 thoughts on “Classroom Pics”

  1. Your room looks fabulous! And it seems so spacious and very colorful! I'm curious about your tables. They seem like desks pushed together, and yet each table is one unit. I've never seen anything like that.

  2. Hi Dee,Thank you! They're actually tables with an open shelf space underneath. And I've put two of them together. They work really well…but they're getting really old. I'm going to screw up my courage and ask for new ones soon :)Barb

  3. Thanks for the comments! Actually, I found your blog because I was looking up the best easels. The image with your morning area and easel popped-up. I love your morning area so clean and organized =) Do you like that model easel? The one you have (Royal Reading/Writing) is the one I was thinking about. Just wanted to know if you enjoy it or if you wish you had more storage. I was also thinking about the Expanded Storage Royal Reading/Writing because the dimensions were the same but had more storage just not another whiteboard on the back. Anyway, I would appreciate your easel expertise!-EmilyFirst Grade School Box


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