First Days of School

First Days of School

Aah, the first days of school. Don't you love 'em?

There's just something wonderful about September and starting up a whole new school year.

Here are 3 fun activities I like to do during my first week back at school.

1. Beginning of the Year Story

In August I always go to our local book store and buy one or two new books to begin my my year. 
One of the books I love to read to my kids is Don't Eat the Teacher!

It's a hilarious story about a young shark who has a bad, but funny habit of chomping everything in sight.

It's a great back-to-school book because it's just so light-hearted and silly. Plus, first graders totally buy into the suspense and are usually convinced that the shark ate his teacher:)

First Days of School. Three fun ideas for beginning your school year.

2. Balloon Popping

Another fun first day activity is to pop balloons! The night before school I insert a little toy, candy or silly joke inside a number of balloons (one for everybody, of course). After we've settled in a bit and are sitting in a circle, the kids take turns saying "hi" and then each child gets to pop a balloon to find their "surprise"!

3. Hey There Neighbour

Right before all this fun begins I teach them a quick and fun way to introduce themselves to each other.

We begin by learning the chant and actions in one big circle, but then quickly switch to partners. You may have heard it before:

Hey there neighbours (shake right hands)
What do you say? (shake left hands)
It's gonna be (move right hand in a half circle wave)
A happy day. (move left hand in a half circle wave)
Greet your friends (high five)
And boogie on down (do a little knee-bending shimmy)
Give 'em a bump (a gentle hip bump)
and turn around! (now turn around)

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First Days of School. Three fun ideas for beginning your school year. #backtoschool #firstdaysofschool

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  1. These are really cute ideas, Barbara!

    Just wondering, do you tell the children how to pop the balloon? Do they do it with pencils? Do many of them get upset. I know quite a few young children who get distressed by loud noises!

  2. Thanks, Baggy Trousers! After I emailed you my reply it occurred to me I should make it public. I usually do the popping for the children and I use a thumb tack. I've never had anyone get upset, but that's certainly something to keep in mind. I just tell them to cover their ears ~ there's going to be a loud noise and we're usually okay :)

  3. I use that chant too and my Kindergarteners love it. I often do it twice, but the second time instead of saying "turn around" we say "sit down" :)

  4. Love the chant!

  5. Fun ideas. Thanks for linking up.

  6. I LOVE the "sit down" idea, Lynola. I'm going to do that, too!

    Thanks, Laurel. It's a fun chant to do.

  7. I love the balloons idea!You know what?since I have a large number of students per class and I'm not a classroom teacher I'm going to use it on my son's birthday!



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