2 Free Christmas Printables for Kids: Tic Tac Toe and Colouring

Happy December, Friends!

I have two free Christmas printables for you today.

I know how crazy the last few days of school can be leading up to the winter holidays, so hopefully these will help out a bit.


The first one is a colouring page with Santa standing beside a fireplace (you can download it at the end of the post).

That cutie pie Santa is also the same image I made for a Santa paper bag puppet template. If you’re interested in buying that, I have a link below.

Free Christmas printables Santa colouring page


And the second free printable is a Christmas tic tac toe game! There are four games; two on each page with 36 different Christmas words altogether.

I tried to put all four games on one page to save paper, but the printing ended up being too small for young kids to trace, so it’s now on two pages. But if you print them double-sided then it’s all good!

Free Christmas printables Tic Tac Toe games

If you’ve never played tic tac toe this way, it’s super easy.  When I was teaching I taught my classes how to play a variation of this using their weekly sight words.

Instead of drawing X’s and O’s each child just takes a turn picking a Christmas word, then tracing it in their own colour (each child needs to use a different coloured pencil crayon, marker or crayon).

Then it’s super easy to see when the winner has three words in a row!

Free Christmas printables Tic Tac Toe games


What’s really great about this game is that you can tie it in so easily with your Christmas themed words! I used to use pocket chart cards with the word and a matching picture. We would look at them every single day and practice reading the words and then using them in our journal writing.

When your kiddos are playing the game be sure to pair stronger readers with weaker readers and then encourage everyone to read the word aloud (with help from a friend, if necessary) before tracing it. This way they get some valuable practice reading, printing and writing various Christmas words.


I also have a Christmas Word Search AND a cute Christmas gnome colouring page your kids might enjoy.

Be sure to check out all my Christmas posts because I have lots of free stuff from over 11 years of blogging!


And if you need some more easy peasy low-prep activities for your class, you’re going to love these Christmas-themed paper bag puppets.

If you buy the bundle below you get the seven puppets you see at half price. But you can also buy them individually if you only want one or two.

The elves are my latest puppets, but at this time they aren’t part of a bundle.

Just click the images if you’re interested in seeing them in the store.

Christmas paper bag puppet templates

Christmas Elf paper bag puppet templates



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