18 Adorable Farm Animal Paper Bag Puppets

I spent the last few weeks making lots of farm animal paper bag puppets and I’ve bundled them altogether for a huge saving.

There are a variety of 18 farm animals, 2 farmers and a scarecrow for a total of 21 puppets.

This adorable set includes: girl and boy farmers, a horse, cow, donkey, lamb, goat, pig, chicken, rooster, bunny, mouse, cat, dog, scarecrow, turkey, chick, goose, duck, bull, and llama.

Farm animal paper bag puppets: Pig, cat, chicken, cow, horse, donkey, dog, goat, farmers
Mouse, rooster, scarecrow, lamb, bunny, turkey, chick, goose and duck puppets
Llama and bull puppets

The puppets are absolutely perfect for pre-school to Grade 1 students and would be especially fun to use with a Farm Unit.

If you’d like to see them in my shop you can find them on TPT right here.


I currently have a lot of puppets in my shop, but if you can’t find one you want, then please leave a comment or email me at Barbara@GradeOnederful.com with a request.

If I decide to make that puppet and add it to my shop collection, I’ll send you a free one for the idea.

And don’t forget to check out one of my favourite farm books. The post also includes a free 14-page printable!

Thanks for reading!

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