Stop Worrying: Every Little Thing Book Review and Activities

Every Little Thing, adapted by Bob Marley's daughter, is one of my favourite books.

I bought it a couple of years ago and it quickly became my favourite!

Title: Every Little Thing

Author: Based on the Song "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley

Adapted by: Cedella Marley

Illustrated by: Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Publishing: 2012, Chronicle Books

Suitable for Ages: 3 to 8

Theme: Fiction, Love, Children's Song

Opening Lines"Rise up this morning. Smile with the rising sun."

Brief Synopsis: Every Little Thing is based on Bob Marley's song. The vibrant illustrations bring the lyrics to life in this beautiful book! A little boy, with the help of three birds, his friends and family, shares a message of love and harmony as he goes through his day.

Why I LOVE and Recommend This Book
: This is the perfect book to read to those little kids in your life who tend to be worriers. The joyful lyrics and happy illustrations are sure to add some cheer to a worrywart's day.

Classroom / Home Extensions:

1. VIDEO: Be sure to listen to this sweet video by Mary Altom! It's really pretty.

2. Workbook: Here's an ANXIETY WORKBOOK for children from B.C. Children's Hospital. (This is meant to be completed with a parent or counsellor).

3. MORE HELPFUL TIPS: Here's another resource from Anxiety B.C. to help your child cope with Back-to-School worries.

4. ART: This sweet art activity called "Winter Love Birds" by The Educator's Spin On It ties in with the little birds that follow the boy throughout the story. You could remove the snow, add a different coloured background and call them Spring Love Birds :)

Every Little Thing book review and related activities. This beautiful book by Bob Marley's daughter is the perfect read for the little worriers in your house!

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