Perfect Picture Book Friday: Another Happy Tale

My report cards are almost finished so I thought I'd celebrate by joining Susanna and the gang with a Perfect Picture Book Friday review.

I've had this book forever, but just found it again the other day. I decided to read it to my class as a loose tie-in to our family unit and we all loved it! So happy to reconnect with a lost treasure.

book review of another happy tale

Another Happy Tale by Dorothy Butler and illustrated by John Hurford

Published by Crocodile Books, 1991

Themes: Families, babies, humour

Suitable for children 3 and up!

Opening Lines: Mabel and Ned lived with their new baby on a fine farm in the middle of a large island.

Summary: Mabel and Ned are loveable but completely clueless parents. The book follows a happily/unhappily format (very similar to the fortunately/unfortunately books) and tells a funny but sweet tale about their little baby's misadventures.

Why We LOVED It: I think the reason my class loved this book so much is because they were unfamiliar with this genre and were completely taken by surprise with the ridiculous parents AND the back-and-forth happily/unhappily element.  The baby's encounters with the pigs were pretty funny, and the ending was happily satisfying.

  1. It would be so much fun to write a class book on a different topic using the same happily/unhappily format. I can see the kids getting a real kick out of this!
  2. It can easily be used as part of a family unit as it lends itself to discussing different types of families (composition, homes, differing ways of looking after children).
  3. I happen to LOVE pigs so I think it would be fun to teach the kids how to draw one. Here's a lovely tutorial by Kathy at Art Projects for Kids.
pig painting tutorial

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And I've got TONS more right here, too:)

Happy Reading!

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