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Customize Your Pre-Made Blogger Template!

You can customize my pre-made blogger templates

As you know, I'm now offering pre-made Blogger templates. It's a GREAT way to go because you get a custom look without the crazy custom prices. And the turnover time is FAST!

But did you know that you can add some custom features to your pre-made template, as well?

With most templates the fonts and/or colours and a few other features can be changed.

"An Apple for the Teacher" is a good example. I painted the apples that run across the top and bottom of the blog and while the colours in this one need to stay the same, the images can be customized. 

This is the original with the 4 coloured apples.

Premade Blogger Theme with watercolour apple borders

And below shows the changes that Tasha, from Get Fit With Tasha Whitt, requested. Since her blog is fitness oriented we took out some of the apples and added running shoes, weights and broccoli. Fun, hey?  (UPDATE: We've changed it some more!)

But there's an even bigger change. Tasha really wanted a drop-down menu, so that's what we did for "Eat Healthy" and "Coaching".

Customized Pre-made Blogger Template

  Here's another example of how a pre-made can be tweaked. This is the original.


And here's a "customized" version. 

Sandy wanted to change up the colours of the hearts, as well as the font. Because she's a big corgie fan we also added a little corgi to her signature.  

I just LOVE how it looks with the changes. Be sure to click on her image, too. She has a well-established blog, formerly called Soaring Through Second Grade.

Pretty Pre-Made Blogger Template

Cute Dog Customized Blog Button by Barbara Leyne Designs
She also decided to add on a blog button.

AND, she wanted to change up the social icons. So we switched them from hearts to circles.

Custom Social Buttons by Barbara Leyne Designs
The price of a basic pre-made (with installation) is $35. 

The extra cost to make some changes is variable, but not all that much. It's been ranging anywhere from $5 to $15, depending on the request and the time involved.

I love making pre-mades and will be constantly adding to the stock.

In fact, here's my newest one:

Pre Made Blogger Template by  (aqua red and gray)

You can see a live demo HERE!

Did I mention that installation time is generally very fast? Usually within 48 hours (unless I'm out of town, then it might be 72 hours).

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love them! I am ready for you to make my photography blog go from eh to Fabulous!!!

    1. Awesome! Let me know when I can help out:)


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