Blogger Tutorial: Search Gadget

I posted this tutorial a couple of years ago on my Ruby Slippers blog (I kinda miss my old name :)). Recently a reader was asking me how to put one on her blog so I thought I'd resurrect this post.

Here goes .... circa 2013:

Have you ever noticed this gadget in a sidebar?

Blogger Tutorial: Adding a "Search" Gadget

If you go to your layout page, click on "add a gadget" and scroll down a bit, you'll see this:

Blogger Tutorial: Adding a "Search" Gadget

Well, almost. My search box has already been added. If your box hasn't been added yet, then you'll see a little blue plus sign in the top right hand corner.

I strongly urge you to click that plus sign and add the search function to your blog. It's super handy for your visitors.

I was looking through a blog this morning and really needed to find a particular post I remembered seeing a couple of months ago. If the box had been there, then I would only have needed to type in a few key words and bingo! I'd get a list of all the published posts containing those words.

For example, on my running blog I typed in "Max" (that's my dog).

 And this is what popped up. Cool, eh?

Now clearly I blog about my dog too much :) but I think you get the idea. 

Please keep your readers happy and pop in that search box.

Stuck on something? Let me know in the comments and I'll try to do a tutorial just for you!

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