11 DIY Christmas Cards!

I just finished writing my report cards! And when that happens, I'm officially in the mood for Christmas:) 

I was searching through Pinterest for some DIY Xmas cards earlier today. I saw lots of great ones, but sadly, many of the links were broken or led straight to finished products. 

So I hunted around for a while (okay, a LONG while ... sometimes I get into major procrastination while writing reports) and I found 11 very cute DIY cards. 

Actually, #10 is a garland, but it would be so easy to convert it to a Christmas card.


 #1: Ornament Holiday Card from HGTV

 #2: Happy Snowman from ArtFelt Impressions

 #3: Potato Print Snowman from Molly Moo Crafts

 #4: Potato Print Reindeer from Molly Moo Crafts

 #5: Thumb Print Reindeer from Apartment Therapy

 #6: Pop-Up Christmas Tree from Style at Home

 #7: Ribbon Tree from A Wee Nest

 #8: Ornaments from Homemade Gifts Made Easy

 #9 : Button Snowman from DeeDee Campbell

 #10: Cupcake Trees from One Perfect Day

 #11: Glitter Tree from Dale's Designs

I hope these are useful!  Thank you to all the creative bloggers for their ideas and generosity!

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