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3 Jun 2014

Currently in June

So happy to join this month's Currently with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

1.  This run was especially sweet 'cause two days ago I ran a HOT HILLY 10k race and yet today's run was relatively easy with no lingering aches and pains. Yay!

2.  Okay, I know this one is kind of braggy 'cause I designed my new look myself, but I absolutely LOVE my new colours. Do you recognize the colour palette? It's from David's Tea.

This amazing tea store has been in town for awhile but I only just went there a couple of weeks ago. Colours aside, I'm LOVIN' their teas.

If you've been following my blog for a while then you know that I've had a tree in my header forever. I loved that tree and got lots of positive comments on it. But I've had this blog for about three years, and I just needed to do something different.

Shameless plug now: If YOU need a change then come visit me at BL Designs. I have a June opening left and next to teaching, designing blogs is my favourite thing to do!

3.  I just purchased the coolest little Gratitude app for my iPad. The last thing I do at night, and the first thing I do in the morning, is check my emails etc. so this is perfect. Nothing better than starting your day with a little gratitude.

4.  BC teachers are in the middle of contract negotiations and it's not going well. We're in phase 2 of our job action (rotating strikes) but at the same time the government has "locked us out". We're not allowed to work with students or even be in our classrooms at recess and lunch!!  It's crazy, stressful and just not fun. But we'll fight the good fight and keep our fingers crossed for some compromise and a quick settlement.

5.  Summer holidays ... this one speaks for itself:)

6.  We're in the middle of a big kitchen reno (a complete gut). It's going to be finished at the end of June so I'm really looking forward to having lots of friends over for dinner.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out Farley's blog for some more Currently's!

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  1. Your new look is lovely. Now I know what you have been doing with all your extra time since you are not allowed to work "outside the 45s".

    1. Thanks, Sandi:) Yeah, the ""45s" are driving me crazy!

  2. You're new design is amazing...of course. You are so talented!

    We are in the midst of heated and miserable contract negotiations too. Things are awful and after nearly 8 years without an increase and yearly hefty hikes in insurance premiums, teachers are at the end of their rope...so bad for morale. I hope yours comes to a good end soon.

    Summer break is only 5 work days away for me now... I hope yours is around the corner too.

    Post pics if your kitchen renovation. I'm sure it will be incredible!

    1. Aw, I'm sorry to hear your teachers are going through the same thing. It's no fun and very stressful!

      3 1/2 more weeks of teaching for me. We go 'til the end of June.

      Yes, I'll post kitchen pics. Thanks for liking my design, Traci!

  3. Contract negotiations dont sound very good. Hopefully there is a positive resolution soon. And the blog looks great :)

    1. Thanks, Brooke!
      Yes, I hope things are sorted out quickly, too.

  4. Love the redesign! Too bad about the contract dispute...sounds crazy! Hope it is settled soon!


    1. Thanks, Crystal. I'm lovin it too:)
      The negotiations aren't going well. The next couple of weeks will be interesting.

  5. Your redesign is fantastic! I love the colors and the panda bears.

    Sounds like you have a fun summer planned.

    The Math Maniac

    1. Thanks, Tara. I love those little pandas, too!
      The summer dinner parties will be fun, that's for sure:)

  6. Beautiful Work, as usual. I may need to start a second blog on some other topic, just to be able to buy a blog design from you... And my thoughts are with both you and Sandi during the strikes. If only we were in charge of the world.
    The Meek Moose

    1. Thanks, Heather. It's always heartwarming to know other people sympathize.
      Glad you dropped by!

  7. I love your new design... it's so beautiful. I have never heard of a "lock out" like you described. So you are teaching them all day long but can't be with them at recess and lunch! I am not sure I understand the logic here.

    Kitchen redo's are hectic and creative and very rewarding! Enjoy.
    Granny Goes to School

    1. Thanks, Cindy!
      I think this kind of "lock-out" is the first of its kind. It's very strange, that's for sure.
      So far I'm enjoying the kitchen reno:)

  8. Love the blog design, it is so cute. I understand your need for the summer holiday, this year has been crazy. The panda bears are adorable!

    1. Thanks, Claudia. I have a fondness for pandas:)

  9. Just beautiful ... so warm and welcoming! And there's a gratitude journal app? Must check it out now that I have an iPad (I know, a little late to the party ...)! I want to acknowledge your passion and love; it exudes through your words in every post. Thank you, thank you!


  10. What? You're locked out? I don't even get that. Oh my. Well, anyway, I certainly hope things are back to normal soon.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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