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Why I Don't Do Show and Tell Anymore

I've stopped doing Show and Tell in my classroom: reasons why and alternative ideas.

Confession time: I dislike Show 'n Tell. A lot!

I've been teaching primary for 27 years now and I've decided that this is the year I give it up completely!

I've been messing around with different formats for the last few years but I've finally had enough and I'll tell you why.

Quick 'n Easy Birthday Chair for Your Classroom


I made a birthday chair!

And the best part? It took about five minutes. Yes! I love quick 'n easy projects.

I found this idea on Mrs. Richardson's Class blog ... thank you Mrs. Richardson!

We happened to have two folding black chairs collecting dust in the back of our garage. So once I cleaned up one of the chairs, it was good to go.

If you don't have a chair lying around, they're pretty cheap at WalMart (that's where we originally bought it).

Raccoon Moon: Book Review and Activities


We have a family of five raccoons living in our neighbouring trees and I've been enchanted with these little guys all summer long. Sometimes the babies sleep on a large oak branch that overhangs right beside our deck!

They've inspired me to make raccoon clipart, including this freebie, as well as learn all I can about these nocturnal creatures. I've never done a raccoon unit before, but this might be the year.

Below you'll find a brief review of one of my favourite raccoon books, as well as a list of other books I love, and some activities for home or your classroom.

Free Optical Illusion Colouring Sheets


Free Optical Illusion Coloring Sheets by Grade ONEderful
Click to Grab

I was looking around pinterest today and found these really cool optical illusions that Amy Allender did with her 3rd grade class.

She had her third graders draw their own lines and circles. There's no way my six year-olds could do that, so I made up my own grids for them to colour. I made two in black and white and then decided to colour them, also. Each grid is 6 inches square.