13 May 2016

Dewey Bob: Children's Book Review

Author Judy Schachner is probably most well known for her Skippyjon Jones books. But she's actually written many others, with her latest one being Dewey Bob.

Book Review of Dewy Bob by Judy Schachner. GradeONEderful.com

6 May 2016

Our Mother's Day Gifts

Phew! We did it! Our Mother's Day gifts were finished on time.

I'm telling you, it was a seriously close call.

We decided we'd make our moms some little pots to hold their jewellery. The plan was to use the air dry clay. I figured if we started them Monday, they'd be all finished to take home Friday.

But I forgot that we had a pro-d day on Friday, so that meant we only had 4 days.

Plenty of time, right?

29 April 2016

FREEBIE: May Poems

Using weekly poems in the classroom is one of my favourite ways to teach reading.

And happily, I have a BIG May poetry FREEBIE just for you! This 30-page collection of May poems is going to make your teaching life SO much easier!

15 April 2016

Skippyjon Jones: Drawing and Critical Thinking

My class of first grade students absolutely adore Skippyjon Jones. When I started reading them the books a couple of weeks ago they could NOT get enough!

Skippyjon Jones Activities for first grade. We did directed drawings and some fun critical thinking.

11 April 2016

Making Ten - 20 Freebies

Hi Friends,

Making ten is tricky for some of my kids, but with all the fabulous activities I've gathered up, it's sure to become a little easier and a lot more fun! At the end of the post there are a whole bunch of freebies I rounded up for you!