Making Cubes with Clay and Straws

Today we made cubes using clay and straws.

Making cubes with fast drying clay and drinking straws.

Word Wall Bingo

As we head into our last 18 teaching days before summer break, I'm looking to lighten things up a bit.

We do spelling every day all year long and we play lots of fun games, but Word Wall Bingo is an all-time fave and has been for many years.

Its a super easy, low-to-no-prep version.

I give the kids a copy of the sheet below and ask them to fill in each of the 24 blanks with the words from our Word Wall. We have lots more than 24 words so it makes for varied boards.

The Red Hat: Book review and Art Project for Grade 1

Review of "The Red Hat" by David Teague. Plus a beautiful red hat art project. See it on

Butterfly Art, Writing, Poems, Freebies

Butterflies in First Grade: Science, art, poetry and free printables.