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Lots of FREE Thanksgiving Activities for First Grade

As I write this the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is coming to an end. 

This year I did a few different activities and wanted to share them, 'cause every single one of them was fun and educationally worthwhile!

Lots of Thanksgiving Ideas for the primary classroom (K to 2). Roll a Feather math game, Patterned Turkey art, Turkey Bump, Thankful Turkey booklets and MORE! All except one activity is FREE.

Kawaii Halloween Clipart

I’m almost an old lady.
Gack! Did I just say that out loud?
I only feel about 32 years old but in the real world ~ the one where everyone insists on keeping track ~ I’m quite a bit past that young and lovely age.
Why am I telling you this?
Because I have a secret crush on all things kawaii (meaning “cute” in Japanese popular culture). Specifically, I just love the little animals and fruits and veggies with those sweet little faces. I’ve never admitted this to anyone because it just seems so out of character with my age, even my “in my head age of 32”.
But folks, I’m coming clean. I LOVE kawaii art and I LOVE Halloween so I’ve put them together with this package of kawaii Halloween clipart.
Just looking at those cute little faces makes me smile.
My husband’s favourite is the candy corn, but I’m really digging the bats, especially the girl bat.

Kawaii Halloween Clipart

** Be sure to click "Continue Reading" if you'd like a free set **

14 FREE Pumpkin Poems for K-2

Happy October!

I have a collection of pumpkin poems for you and it's FREE! Click the image below to grab.

14 Free Pumpkin Poems for Kids
PIN this!

I love using poems in my classroom. Not only are they lots of fun but they're perfect for choral and repeated readings.

We learn one poem a week. We read it several times a day with different voices and at different speeds. I often print the poems on cards and we mix up the words. We almost always make up actions to go with them.

McCrackens Phonics: Free Printing Sheet

I thought I'd share my printing lessons with you.

I really like my printing practice because it's tied into the McCrackens Spelling Through Phonics Program.  This is an amazing program and I HIGHLY recommend it!

The first letter to be introduced is lower case m.

We practice saying the letter, the sound and feeling it in our mouths. I avoid saying "What do you hear?" and instead ask "What does it feel like in your mouth?" The kids will tell me things like, "My lips are pressed together" and "My lips tickle when I say mmm".