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My Favourite Summer Reads

Six amazing books for summer reading

I've been inspired by my blogging friends, Tammy from Forever in First, and Miss Trayers from Not Just Child's Play to share my favourite summer books with you.

Here in Canada teachers are just into their 3rd week of an 8-week long summer vacation, so there's still lots of time for some great reading!

Peaceful Piggy Meditation: Book Review

I recently attended a series of mindfulness classes and at one of those classes I was introduced to this amazing little children's book:

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Last year's class was very high energy so we'd been doing some breathing exercises off and on throughout the year. I never called it meditation, but it was pretty funny to see some of the kids sitting cross-legged with their hands in a traditional yoga pose (thumb and pointer finger touching)!

While at first they thought the breathing was a bit funny, they quickly started enjoying it and I'd routinely have kids asking me if we could do our breathing together.

So when I found this book I knew I HAD to read it to my class.

Raccoon Moon: Book Review and Activities


I published this post a year ago, but it's so packed full of raccoon goodness that I'm republishing.

We have a family of five raccoons living in our neighbouring trees and I've been enchanted with these little guys all summer long. Sometimes the babies sleep on a large oak branch that overhangs right beside our deck!

They've inspired me to make raccoon clipart (see below) as well as learn all I can about these nocturnal creatures. I've never done a raccoon unit before, but this might be the year.

Look Who's Retiring!

Hey friends! After 26 plus years I've decided to retire from teaching.

To say I'm excited is an under statement. But I'm also a bit nervous (will I get bored?) and a bit sad (I'm going to miss seeing those sweet little faces every morning).

But mostly it's excitement.