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Cow on the Couch Book Review and Activities

I just received a copy of this brand new book, Cow on the Couch! I really got a kick out of this book and think it has great possibilities. Read on and I'll tell you why.

a cow on the couch book review

Stop Worrying: Every Little Thing Book Review and Activities

Every Little Thing by Bob Marley is one of my favourite books.

I bought it a couple of years ago and it quickly became my favourite!

Title: Every Little Thing

Author: Based on the Song "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley

Adapted by: Cedella Marley

Illustrated by: Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Publishing: 2012, Chronicle Books

Suitable for Ages: 3 to 8

Theme: Fiction, Love, Children's Song

Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class: Book Review, Activities, Free Clipart

TitlePeace Week in Miss Fox's Class

Author/Illustrator: Eileen Spinelli, Anne Kennedy

Publishing: 2009, Albert Whitman & Company

Suitable for Ages: 4 to 8

Theme: Fiction, Peace, Getting Along

Opening Lines"The children in Miss Fox's class had been squabbling. And squabbling. Day after Day".

Brief Synopsis (from the book jacket)Miss Fox is tired of hearing her young students quarrel. So she announces Peace Week -- no more squabbling for one whole week! Soon, to their surprise, the little animals are finding that it's easy to help others, take turns, and say nice things, even when someone is grumpy to them.

Why I Recommend This Book
: Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class is one of those books that's perfect to read throughout the school year to gently remind your students about the importance of cooperating. Also, I was really surprised at how enthusiastically my own students responded to the book (see below).

Please, Mr. Panda: Review and Activities

Title: Please Mr. Panda

Author/Illustrator: Steve Antony

Publishing: 2014, Scholastic Press

Suitable for Ages: 3 to 7

Theme: Fiction, Manners

Opening Lines"Would you like a doughnut? Give me the pink one."

Brief SynopsisPlease, Mr. Panda  is a simple and sweet book that highlights the importance of good manners. The baleful looking panda offers a doughnut to all his friends, but no one (until the very end), bothers to respond with a "Yes, please"!

Why I Recommend This Book
: For starters I really love the big, bold and beautiful illustrations. They're mostly black, white and grey with splashes of colour thrown in. Also, Antony's message is very clear without being preachy. I think this is a wonderful book to use at the beginning of a school year (and whenever needed) to remind your students about remembering their "pleases" and "thank you's".